Hillary health issues

There is a lot of rumors that indicate there are Hillary Health issues, that is fueling speculation that she is not healthy enough for the office of the President.  We are curious what others feel here in Charlotte about Hillary Health issues?


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Hillary Health Issues: Is there truth about Hillary health care issues?

If you’re wondering “does Hillary have health issues” ? Dr. Drew claims her issues are serious:

Link  to full story read more



What is known about Hillary Health issues ?  Fortune magazine asked why are rumors of Hillary Health issues still occurring.

So one wonders what Is the truth about Hillary health issues?  read the store here read 


Hillary talks about her health care issues read the full article here 



So many leaks appear to be occurring including Leaks from Secret Service – agents apparently leaked there may be truth with Hillary health issues. The sad part is there is a pattern from this candiate to miss lead people and it makes these rumors even harder to put away.  So the question is are these health issues true?



We wonder what your thoughts are about Hillary Health care issues?






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August 22, 2016

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