discounts at Whole Foods Market starting today with Amazon Prime

Whole Foods

Starting June 27 you get one additional perk using your Amazon Prime Membership to shop at Whole Foods.  Now Prime Members can take advantage of savings for being members!
Whole Foods, the natural food store chain will begin offering discounts to Amazon Prime members in all its stores.

As most know Amazon, the online retailer, last year purchased Whole Foods, which resulted in the prices of some items being reduced in the stores.

In a handful of Whole Food stores, the company began testing discounts for Amazon Prime members.

Whole Foods


When families seek to save money and get more out of their dollar it is critical they take advantage of all your discount options.

Those discounts expand to all the stores today.

Amazon Prime is a paid Amazon membership that offers free shipping on many items and offers free streaming for some movies and TV shows.

To get the discounts at Whole Foods, Prime members can download the Whole Foods Market app on their smartphones, sign in with their Amazon accounts and scan the app’s Prime code at checkout.

Or, they can sign onto the Prime Savings web page and choose to use a mobile phone number to get the Prime discounts.

The TOP 5 Benefits of Amazon Prime
1. Free 2 Day shipping or even next day or Same Day!
2. Discount on Amazon Music
3. Prime Video
4. Discounts and Whole Foods
5. Prime Reading

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June 27, 2018

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