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printable coupon Charlotte

Facebook Groups are a great place to share things including this one: share deals, find deals, sell unwanted items, get coupons, learn couponing
Ever Wondered

How do you begin Couponing?

How to begin Extreme Couponing ?

Which grocery stores have the lowest prices ?

Then you are Very much not alone.  Our economy maybe getting better but the more we save the more we have.  But, none of us have the time we wished we have to find, get and receive these deals.  Two groups we found that you can join in your area.

Charlotte North Carolina –  Couponers and Savers 




Harford County – Daily Deals and Savings

Join Group Here


As we find more of these groups we will share them.




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Printable coupons Charlotte

Grocery Coupons Charlotte

December 7, 2016

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